what is this deck?

and what is tarot?

Pia Pandelakis created this custom tarot in the fall of 2018. It includes all 78 cards, combining the traditional 22 major arcanas (from 0, The Fool, to 21, The World) and 56 minor arcanas.

This deck has been created and illustrated with an incremental approach in mind, just like the rest of the project. The idea is to keep adjusting the design of the deck to our needs, and to create several iterations. As of today, it features two languages (French and English) but many more will be included. The goal is also to feature a variety of bodies and identities, and reconsider the gendered qualities of the original court cards. Here the page becomes the curious one, the knight is the committed one, the king the serious one and the queen the wise one.

This version 00 deck exists in one single, unique copy. Version 01 will be printed for distribution. Stay tuned!

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