who's behind DATAROT?

Camille Khoury


Camille Khoury is a researcher and artist: she writes, stage directs and performs while completing her PhD in Theatre Studies at the University of Toulouse – Jean Jaurès. Her research fields involve performativity in gender identity, sexualities, intersectionality, history of cross-dressing, drag and cabaret aesthetics. In 2015, she directed Orlando, an adaptation by Capucine Berthon of Virginia Woolf’s novel, and works today on a new project about transgender life in the French 19th century. In 2016, she participated to a workshop organized by the circus Compagnie d’Elles in Toulouse. She co-created DATAROT with Pia Pandelakis in 2018, a performance and workshop about fragile data, designed to dequantify the self, using tarot among other tools. Since 2017, she is also a theatre critic for Agôn.

Pia Pandelakis


Pia Pandelakis is an Associate Professor of Design at the University of Toulouse — Jean Jaurès. Hir current research focuses on the definition and analysis of a potential « queer design ». Ze also works to bridge the fields of Cinema and Design in a project named CinéDesign. Pia is a former student of the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan and received her doctorate in Film Studies at the University Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle. Hir dissertation, The Hero Who Came Undone (2013) focuses on the hero's corporeity in Hollywood Cinema. Ze is an illustrator / graphic designer and wishes to develop a graphic facilitation practice linked to hir research. piapandelakis.com